Organic Acerola Powder

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100% Amazonia
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Vacuum Pack
Shelf Life:
18 months
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Open Air
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Preservation Process:
Dried, Dark purple coarse powde
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
200 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year
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VCD/BEL - Brazil
Product Description
Natural powder obtained from pasteurized acerola pulp submitted to freezing and 
freeze drying according to GMP. No additives. 
Nature’s Best Source of Real Vitamin C
Also known by other names such as the Barbados Cherry, Atillean Cherry or Sour 
Cherry, acerola grows on a small tree and turns a shade of red when ripens. The 
fruit, which is an excellent antioxidant, boost the immune system once it is 
one of nature’s largest sources of natural vitamin C. it also contains 
carotenoids, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, vitamins and minerals.
• Vitamin C content:
Vitamin C content in the fresh acerola ranges from 1,000 to 4,500 mg per 100g 
of fruit; that is, up to 90 times of the content found in oranges and 35 times 
that of lemons.
Vitamin C content of freeze dried acerola is 9% (9,000mg per 100g of powder). 
In other words, 0.5g of freeze dried acerola is enough to obtain a day’s 
supply of natural vitamin C.
The vitamin C naturally present in acerola is absorved by the human body more 
rapidly than synthetically produced vitamins.
• Anthocyanins and Polyphenols
Comparative analyses shows that acerola, despite having a lower anthocyanin 
content than berries, has a much greater amount of total polyphenols.
Two anthocyanins (cyaniding-3-α-O-rhamnoside and perlagonidin-3-α-O-
rhamnoside), have reportedly been found in acerola, and five different 
polyphenolic compounds have been identified: chlorogenic acid, (-)-
epigallocatechin gallate, (-), (-)-epicatechin, procyanidin B1 and rutin, the 
latter two are more predominant.
Phenolic compounds significantly contribute to acerola’s high antioxidant 
• Carotenoids
Acerola is an important source of carotenoids which strengthens its potentials 
antioxidant benefit.
In the ripe fruit, four major carotenoids were identified (β-carotene, β-
cryptoxanthin-lutein, and violaxanthin) together with other minor carotenoids 
(neoeoxanthin, antheraxanthin, neochrome, luteoxanthin, auroxanthin, β-
cryptoxanthin-5,6-epoxide, β-cryptoxanthin-5,8-epoxide, cis-β-carotene, and 
cis-lutein). Β-carotene is noteworthy given its high content (accounting for 
40% to 60% of the total carotenoids). Analysis performed freeze dried acerola 
has shown β-carotene values of about 140mg per 100g of powder; in other words, 
approximately 7g of freeze dried acerola provide 100% of the DRI.
• Other Vitamins and minerals
Freeze dried acerola is source of other vitamins, especially Vitamin B and 
minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorous.
The unusually high amount of natural Vitamin C indicates that freeze dried 
acerola is a useful ingredient to fortify beverages and foods or in the 
pharmaceutical industry nutritional supplement (capsules and tablets).
Process – Freeze Drying:
Freeze drying is the best method to dehydrate acerola.
Fresh fruits are carefully cleaned and washed before the pulp is extracted. 
After the extraction, the pulp is then pasteurized and frozen. The next step is 
dehydration by using the freeze drying process. Once the pulp is properly 
frozen, it is submitted to very low pressure in vacuum chambers, being the 
water eliminated by sublimation.
The parameters for freeze drying acerola were carefully defined in order to 
ensure the maximum preservation of the bioactive components of the fruit.
We only source materials from inspected and approved suppliers and the entire 
chain is controlled by monitoring process and quality control analyses in order 
to guarantee total microbiological safety and preservation of the fruit’s 
nutritional characteristics.
*GMP and HACCP are implanted.
Primary Packaging
Aluminum foil, which protects the freeze dried acerola against moisture and 
light, preserving the nutrients and flavour. 
Technical Specs are available under request.
Drying ProcessFD
Antioxidant Capacity (ORAC)Antioxidant Capacity (ORAC)
Packaging & Shipping
Packaging Details:Cardboard box containing 2 x 5 kg vacuum metalized bags 
Cardboard dimension (mm): 527.2 x 293.2 x 286.4 
Net weight per carton: 10,0 kg 
Gross weight per carton: 10,90 kg
Delivery Detail:7 working days after PO is confirmed
Our Services
 We will provide professional and efficient service, any questions about product 
details, payment information etc., please contact us directly, we will reply 
you within 24 hours.
Company Information
 100% Amazonia specializes supplying renewable non-timber forest products from 
the Amazon rainforest and helps turn them into unique ingredients for the food 
supplement, beverage and cosmetics industry. 
Located in the Amazon, 100% Amazonia was established to consolidate its local 
influence and production base. We have been active in processing and promoting 
Amazonian based products since 2004 but our experience in International trade, 
dates back to 1992. 
Additionally to the trading activities, 100% Amazonia provides strategic 
consulting services for product development, supply chain and market access. 
The lines are ISO22000 (HACCP) certified, and products are either organic 
certified or compliant for countries of the European Market, United States and 
The product line includes: premium freeze-dried powders, clarified juices, 
concentrated liquid extracts, purees, pulp fruit and Amazonian seed oils. 
The application are extended to cosmetics such as shampoos, soaps, 
moisturizers, also natural and organic foods (natural juices, energy drinks, 
yogurt, cereal bars, desserts, among others). The products are minimally 
processed to maintain the original nutritional properties. 
100% Amazonia has a unique strategic position among the agro-processing 
community, as well as the co-ops for fruit and seed pickers. Besides, our 
know-how and networking ensure authentic products with high added value to our 
Our product line is carefully chosen to add nutrition and actives to our 
customer base. We do not work with carrier extracts, only with pure products. 
We are specialists in our field, not simply traders. 
Currently, 100% Amazonia exports to more than 20 countries in all continents. 
our credit scores are available at through our DUNS registered number. 
Please visit and download our catalogs at:
If you have any questions, please find our contact information in “Contact Us
”and contact with us directly.